Over the last three decades, Nazareth Pacheco has developed an artistic production of remarkable originality, whose expression is firmly based on his personal experience. Like others of her generation, the artist took her feminine condition and her biography, in particular the narratives related to the history of her body, as raw material for her three-dimensional experiments. However, unlike many of his peers, he did not worry about incorporating the individual expressiveness of his gesture into these objects, creating works free from romanticism and personalism.

“Guarded by the disbelieving and almost cynical reason that their forms embody, these adornments are like votive objects placed the opposite of their intention: constructed not as gratitude for the achievement of requested graces, but as recognition of the limits of what is possible to achieve within the scope of the procedures exposed in acrylic reliquaries, Nazareth Pacheco’s works are silent and immobile witnesses of the immense, painful and fragile path of building a body that is not content with itself. And it is from this absolute singularity that his work touches on pain of the other, expands and finds a place in the world.” – Moacir dos Anjos