The art world has an important role to play. Arts organisations have a disproportionately large impact on the environment, mainly due to a great deal of international travel, arts shipping, and high use of energy and materials. We need to act urgently to reduce these impacts in line with what the science is telling us. As arts organisations, we also have an opportunity to use our public platform and cultural influence to set a positive example, encouraging and supporting others to take action and helping shift the public debate.

At Galeria Lume, our values ​​and mission are to encourage the development of contemporary creative processes alongside our guest artists and curators, in the same way, Lume is available as a space for reflection, discussion and exchange. To be true to these values, we cannot fail to take urgent environmental action, when art and culture around the world is directly threatened by the climate crisis, as well as those in marginalized communities and cultures who are most at risk.

As an organization, we know that our main direct environmental impacts include the generation of plastic in packaging, air and land transport of artworks and energy use at our headquarters. We started our journey of tackling these impacts by joining the Gallery Climate Coalition and committing to at least halve our carbon emissions by 2030.

We set goals together with the GCC knowing we have much to do and much to learn, but beyond that we are committed to facilitating dialogue and sharing information with the global arts community to encourage our industry’s collective shift towards environmental sustainability.

Learn about GCC and read more about Carbon Reporting and how to set a science-based target (SBTi) for your gallery.