In his first solo show, to be opened on Saturday, October 21st, in exhibition space II, Saulo Szabó presents “Variations of the wild body”, part of the Alumiar project, created by Galeria Lume, which aims to shed light on artists’ research at the beginning of their careers who do not yet have representation and have not had a solo exhibition in the city of São Paulo. With curatorial text by Ana Carolina Ralston, the exhibition features a selection of works that range between drawing, sculpture and painting, all produced from natural materials collected by the artist during his travels throughout Brazil.

It is in the midst of nature that Saulo’s work transforms. It transforms as in Lavoisier’s Law, which states that “In Nature, nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. Based on his interest in reducing the consumption of industrial materials and the damage caused to the environment, the artist often uses ancestral techniques and original cultures to produce the raw materials that make up his production.

From organic sculptures with different textures, which can be touched, to natural pigment chalk drawings – produced by the artist himself – where we observe the accumulation of layers of matter, Szabó brings the warmth and life of nature to the gallery walls, and invites the visitor to practice new ways of perceiving the surroundings and contemplating the works, observing the different colors and textures.

Throughout the artist’s production there is an inherent intention to share elementary knowledge about nature that has been lost with the spread of modern cultures. Through his hands, Saulo transmutes the natural matter, which has always been present around us, and guides the visitor’s daydreams to a wild and intrinsic place. With the wild that lives within us.