Presenting a video installation and new works from the series “How to Redraw Pyramids,” Maré de Matos inaugurates her exhibition “Dreaming is Serious” at exhibition space II of Galeria Lume, on Saturday, May 18th. Through the tension between version and truth, the artist operates in hybrid languages, situating her works on the line between image and word.

Divided into 4 elevated monitors, the essay film “Other Names for Dignity” depicts a conversation between the artist and three friends, who are tasked with reflecting on something as delicate and abstract as the concept of Dignity, yet challenged not to limit the dialogue to commonplaces. The video lasts 23 minutes and aims to involve the viewer in the conversation circle, inviting them to sit alongside the monitors with the characters of the story.

In “How to Redraw Pyramids,” Maré critically addresses power structures and inequality in contemporary America, rooted in colonial invasion and reflected in the symbolic form of the pyramid. The artist proposes a deconstruction of this structure through visual, textual, and sound experiments.

The poetics of the exhibition, inspired by imagination and spontaneity, seeks to displace signs and construct new narratives based on non-predatory cosmogonies. In doing so, the artist challenges the structures of political, legal, and historical domination that affect indigenous and Afro-diasporic peoples, encouraging a more inclusive and equitable view of the world.