Nazareno was born in São Paulo but grew up in Fortaleza, CE. At the age of 19, he moved to Brasília-DF, where he studied the BA in Visual Arts at UnB. In 2003 he moved to São Paulo-SP.

Nazareno addresses in his works aspects related to memory, childhood, fairy tales, narratives… as well as the fragility of the contemporary subject in the face of the impossibility of transcendence. Performed in various media such as drawings, sculptures, installations, videos, engravings, artist’s books, among others, these are works that enhance the spectator’s attention due to their miniaturization character, highlighting other realities and eventually leading the adult/spectator to an estrangement in his relegation to an infantile condition.

With a career that includes national and international exhibitions, as well as awards and publications in magazines, catalogs and art books, the artist’s works are in several public and private collections, such as: MAC-USP | MAR-RJ | MAB-DF | MAC-CE | MAMAM- PE | MAV – UNICAMP