Nazareno was born in São Paulo-SP in 1967 but grew up in Fortaleza-CE. At the age of 19 he moved to Brasília-DF, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at UnB. In 2003 he moved to São Paulo-SP.

In his work, Nazareno approaches human relation details (those little mysteries so called socialization), as well as matters regarding childhood, fairy tales, the games, among other things that can be seen as memory and history.

Draftsman, sculptor and multimedia artist Nazareno, whose career started in 1997, has participated in a great number of national and international exhibitions. Throughout his path he published the following books: “São as coisas que você não vê que nos separam” (It’s the Things You Don’t See That Set Us Apart) (2004), “Num Lugar Não Longe de Você” (In a Place Not Far Away From You) (2013), “ABC – Um Guia Prático Para Pessoas de Todas as Idades” (ABC – A Practical Guide For People of All Ages) (2014) and “Uma Vez de Olhos Abertos, Abra-os Novamente” (Once Your Eyes Are Open, Keep Them opened) (2015).

His works are in several public and private collections.