Mariana de Matos is a trans-disciplinary artist. Born in the state of Minas Gerais, in the region of Vale do Rio Doce, the artist has witnessed the unfolding of a historical dispute between the rights of indigenous populations and the secular machine of progress. In 2009, she graduated in Visual Arts from Escola Guignard (UEMG). None of her teachers were black. She is currently studying for a Masters Degree in Literary Theory at UFPE. None of her teachers are black. Her research focuses on the contribution of black poetry to decoloniality. Her practice draws on the tensions between historical truth and polyphonic counter-narratives; identity and hegemony; power relations and renewed outlines for old structures. She investigates representation, symbols, the delirium of modernity, the invention of difference, subjectivity, self-narrative and colonial wounds. Using hybrid languages, she is interested in emotion as a system to enjoy the world, placing her practice on the frontier between image and word. Her practice encompasses painting, sewing, wood, expanded poetry, relational art, installation, urban poetic interventions, self-publication, performance and photography.