Named by the critic and curator Paulo Herkenhoff as Artist-Photographer, Ana Vitória Mussi is responsible for a vast production that integrates photography, moving image, objects and installations. Between 1968-1973, studied art with Ivan Serpa and photography with Kaulino and Ricardo Holanda, in Senac, Rio de Janeiro. From 1979 to 1989, worked as a photo reporter. Her work, often associated with a subtle poetics of resistance, offer, through artistic language, a field for social criticism, especially in relation to the ambiguity aroused by media images. During the military dictatorship of Brazil, for example, she developed a research using the newspapers of the time (Jornais series, 1972), assigning visibility to censorship, as well as using television programming itself (NA TV! series, 1975-1996) as a means of expression. After this period, she studied screen printing with dkinoísio Del Santo and Evany Cardoso at EAV / Parque Lage, between 1989 and 1990, and produced the Impressões series (1992 – 1997), until she began using the negatives itself as media (Negativo series [1974-2006]). Ana Vitória Mussi participated in several individual and collective exhibitions in Brail and abroad.