Graduated in Architecture from the University of São Paulo (FAU-USP), Amalia Giacomini explores the audience spatial perception and geometric representations by creating site-specific installations and objects.

Born in São Paulo in 1974, the artist lives in Rio and has been gaining recognition in Brazilian art circuit. In the past years, she had exhibited her work in some of the most prestigious art institutions in Brazil, such as Paço Imperial (RJ), University of São Paulo’s Cultural Centre Maria Antônia (Centro Universitário Maria Antonia, USP-SP), São Paulo Cultural Centre (Centro Cultural São Paulo), Brazilian House Museum (Museu da Casa Brasileira, SP), Tomie Othake Institute (Instituto Tomie Othake, SP), FUNARTE art galleries (RJ), Sérgio Porto Cultural Centre (Centro Cultural Sérgio Porto, RJ), Brazil-France House (Casa Brasil-França, RJ), Paraná’s Museum of Contemporary Art (Museu de Arte Contemporânea do Paraná, Curitiba) and Niterói’s Museum of Contemporary Art (Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói, RJ).

Outside Brazil, she presented in 2012 the individual exhibition The Invisible Apparent , in National Gallery in Praga. In 2010 she presented in Paris the exhibition Liberér l’horizon reinventér l’espace, in Cité des Arts art gallery. Also in Paris she participated in the Commemorative Exhibition of the year of Brazil in France, organized by the National Arts Foundation together with the Ministry of Culture.

In 2010, Amalia Giacomini concluded her Masters (MA) in Visual Languages at the College of Fine Arts of Rio de Janeiro Federal University (Escola de Belas Artes da UFRJ).