Znort | Eu não estou aqui

26 November 2015 - 29 January 2016

Curated by Paulo Kassab Jr.

"About nothingness I have depths"
Manoel de Barros

Many animals possess mimetic properties which are essential for them to -when masking themselves into another species- elude predators, hindering their own detection, which guarantees them protection in a hostile environment.

Interestingly, humans have the same predicates evidenced in their social life. In this case mimicry is demonstrated through clothing brands, valuables or merely phrases reproduced insistently on social networks; "Je suis Paris, no to the biographies, impeachment, out Cunha, save Mariana" are only current phrases repeated for days, which quickly disappear from timelines as soon as a new topic to be discussed comes up; a new position (almost mandatory) to be taken, a new "me." Complex issues became commodities. It is as easy to be someone politicized or have an strong opinion as it is to choose a team to support.

Mocking modern society, the exorbitant prices of contemporary artworks and humans’ need to be other than themselves, Guilherme Neumann, aka Znort, denies his presence in the works he produces and makes reference to characters, objects and recognized artists.

The circle sculpture, filled with butterflies, with a wooden puppet (“Eu Valho um Milhão de Dólares” -I'm worth a Million Dollars-), reminds us of Damien Hirst, but here the butterflies are made of plastic. The questionings cease to be the fragility, life and death, and become the not real, the desire to be the other. It is the gaze of the man who is lost in himself.

"Eu não estou aqui” (I'm not here) deals humourously with our insignificance towards the plurality of information surrounding us. We live a predictable everyday, generalized routines and events that are imposed on us by the media, and thus, we choose whom we want to look like, being afraid to realize that, at last, we are nothing.

Eu não estou aqui - Znort catalog

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