Talita Hoffmann | Areia movediça

26 November 2015 - 29 January 2016

Curated by Paulo Kassab Jr.

The late process of urbanization and industrialization in countries such as Brazil brought unique features to the urban infrastructure of these places and, at the same time, created an almost surreal aesthetics in large cities. Abandoned houses, modern buildings, shopping malls and museus coexist as if they were picture collages on the remains of old buildings.

In her paintings, Talita Hoffmann establishes a constant relationship with changes in spaces around her or in cities that faced heavy transformations. Plans and environments taken by collages, lines and colors. The presence of the characters is perceived in their absence; secrecy and disorder insinuate noise. The contrast is striking. The exhibition of existence by the abstract. The concrete invades the canvas in color palettes and tells stories through architecture. Even in voids narratives are hidden.

In a universe with different influences, from colors and naïve art traits to Walker Evans' photographs during the Depression in the United States and graphic design, the exhibition "Areia Movediça" (Quicksand) shows that human’s actions and transformations in the city - constructions and deconstructions - are, for the most part, traces of incidents, which perceive the silence subsequent to the noise.

Areia Movediça - Talita Hoffmann catalog

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