Martin Parr | Martin Book Covers Parr

15 October - 20 November 2015

Curated by Iatã Cannabrava

“Martin Book Covers Parr” presents the British photographer’s path through a timeline of book covers of all his 76 published projects, 22 of which were enlarged for the show.

Galeria Lume shows Martin Book Covers Parr, by the British photographer Martin Parr, curated by Iatã Cannabrava and Paul Kassab Jr. By proposing a unique curatorial concept, the exhibition presents 22 photographs, black and white and color - most of them never shown in Brazil before - which figured as covers for books published by the artist between 1982 and 2014, which emphasize his ironic, critical and humorous style of capturing the habits of modern society. In addition to the photos, a timeline tells the story of Martin Parr, elaborated with all of his 76 book covers.

For the untrained eyes, Martin Parr’s images may seem exaggerated, with peculiar themes, strong colors and unusual perspectives. "At the same time that his photographs show us, in a dense way, how we live, how we present ourselves to others, and what we value.", says the German curator Thomas Weski. No wonder his reputation as a " modern society chronicler, Martin Parr creates narratives about dayly life in a unique and original way, capturing the moment in the exact fraction of time, always armed with a critical and somewhat satirical eye. In the artist’s definition: "With photography, I like to create fiction out of reality. I try and do this by taking society's natural prejudice and giving it a twist.". His research, for several decades, regards the peculiarities of life in society and addresses topics such as leisure, daily consumption habits and communication, allowing a juxtaposition of images between universal signs and unusual visual experiences, without intending paradoxes to be solved or either discussed - which adds a touch of eccentricity into his work.

Thru over 40 years of dedication to photography, Martin Parr has worked continually and released 76 books that have been published since early 1980s - until then, the photographer did everything in black and white; since 1983, he’s moved to color as its saturation becomes a differential and major feature of his work. In his first solo show in Brazil, the curatorial proposal is to present his work in a setting never seen before: assemble, in a timeline, a visual narrative about the artist’s story through the book covers of his 76 publications, highlighting the selected 22, that were printed for the exhibition.

By transcending the conventional styles of photography, Martin Parr’s images fit both in the context of art, with exhibitions and books, as well as in the fields of advertising and journalism. Therefore, by unveiling all the geniality of this true artist, Galeria Lume offers the public a possibility to get closely in touch with one of the most important photographers of our time, whose work is described as a reference and an important source of inspiration to the new generation of professionals. As the artist says: "Photography is luck, but a earned luck.".

Martin Book Covers Parr Catalog

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