Gal Oppido | Sentidos da pele

17 May - 18 June 2016

Curated by Paulo Kassab Jr.

Meat is trembling
and fractal.
Horsehair nerves,
viper venom,
the meat is mare
under the halter
their incest
without brakes.

Phallic and concave,
intrepid and fervid,
the meat is cross-eyed
in the run-ins
of sex
with their mistakes

Beneath the eye
undefiled and blind,
the meat is scoundrel
in the helpless
of their wicked

(Rough translation of a poem excerpt by Mário Chamie published in Antologia Poética)

Bodies undress, speak in their movements and in their geography, each body is a map of itself. From the perfect bodies to which we are bombarded day and night by advertising, nothing is left. Scars, white hair and small imperfections vanished. The individuals disappeared, their essence; the image, modified and edited until exhaustion, remained.

Gal Oppido’s humans are true, displays marked by weather uncertainties, their fissures, their limits and their imperfections. The forms, gestures, symbols, masks, and ornaments that infuse themselves into the photographed bodies, add a denser, erotic and deep meaning. As Georges Bataille once wrote, "In the name of what is nudity is flaunted here? Life outdoors? Freedom? The naive transgression that becomes law? But on the belief of a freer life, "without prejudice", and, above all, without the "embarrassing" feeling of shame, such a utopia ends up neutralizing what is most essential in nudity: its eroticism. Unfurled (like a flag), nudity is emptied and the flattened bodies lose their symbolic dimension, where we incidentally live. "

In the "Os Sentidos da Pele” (Skin Senses) exhibition, Gal Oppido explores the human body as part of a ritual that communicates to people their essence. Here, nudity is presented as sacred, full of allegories, signs. Each image shows a variety of movements, textures, shadows, and lights that excite and give meaning to the meat. It is on the skin that our secrets, emotions and most intriguing desires hide.

We know all nudity, but Oppido makes us lose sight of it for, thus, finding it again. Here lies the erotic, the sensual, the mysterious, in the merging and suppression of the body's limits.

The photographs of Gal show the beauty of the body in their minutiae, revealing senses lost in us.

Gal Oppido - Sentidos da pele catalog

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