Florian Raiss | Mitologias Pessoais

14 July 2015 - 25 August 2015

Curated by Paulo Kassab Jr.

As defined by Ernst Cassirer, a humans’ need to delimit their very existence to concepts and predetermined schemes in order to analyze, divide and sift the being, reduced and confined the forms of expression to the theoretical language which, when dealing with concept, it is likewise a creation of thinking, fiction.

Prisoners of their own presumptions, humans search for symbols and myths as ways of dealing with problems related to their essence and facing the unknown self.

The artist resides in the incompleteness of the world as his, the doubts and cuts in his soul hurt differently. Thus, his production emerges unplanned, but appears as an obligation, a way to expel his longings and cultivate the scars.

The artworks of Florian Raiss are born from this mystery, from a language that is not read through concepts or references, but the story of the artist itself. Quadrupeds, mermaids, heads, mystical beings and impenetrable feelings. Raiss’ myths are part of the same piece; they transform themselves, change their presence, size and disappear, to often arise again into another object. But who are these silent and erotic characters? Where do these feelings live? Perhaps they are the artist's mirror, maybe they are not even reproductions, but simple symbolic forms in which the artist transforms reality into object.

Regardless of the pre-established concepts, the exhibition "Mitologias Pessoais" (Personal Mythologies) invites us to the understanding of archetypes sometimes eclipsed in ourselves.

Florian Raiss - Mitologias Pessoais catalog

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