Claudio Alvarez | Sobretempos

The Unlimits of Matter

“The importance of a thing is not to be measured with a measuring tape nor scales nor barometers, etc. The importance of a thing is to be measured by the enchantment it produces on us.” Manoel de Barros, Memórias Inventadas

Submerged in common and predictable daily lives, we were placated by the incessant search for results. Our lives are measured by the productive capacity and activity validated by its "monetizable" potential. Immersed in an endless pragmatism, we are subjected, with some exaggeration, to becoming merely functional beings. Following the same demands and standards, the predominance of the utility object is accentuated to the detriment of creation by art, "without efficacy."

By distorting the logic that perpetuates mundane rationality and its narrow praise to what we have agreed to call 'results', Claudio Alvarez's sculptures have the function of taking us out of the commonplace, hallucinating the vices of the eye in order to reach the principles, the origins, the moment before words and functions, an instant in which only things exist; the instant of enchantment.

“Sobretempos” (Overtimes) leads us to a poetics of kinetic and optical phenomena. The artworks stimulate our senses through movement, mirror sets, and vibration. It is precisely there where the work matter is, in this vibration; something that is neither object nor idea, something that we do not see indistinctly in the work, but which we can predict through it. The exposed sculptures exist only between movement and rest; thus, they arise as temporal overlaps.

In the piece “Espaços Simultâneos” (Simultaneous Spaces) we perceive a set of realities: What is truly real but what it appears to be? The work consists of a dimension that creates, through reflection, two more spaces. These apparent environments simulate outputs: one virtual, towards the bottoms, and another one real, above, outside the built surface. The connection between the planes is represented by a ladder. The illusory spaces affirm their existence in those steps that cross and rise outwards. Where is the artwork in this case? We would not bet on its physical reality, or on its nature of mere senses illusion.

Following the proposal of expanding the field of perception by exploring optical reasoning, "Espreitador" (Lurker) betrays us, making us question the factual image sighted through sculpture. In every exhibition there is this skeptical remnant in which the question presents itself with a novelty: the happy doubt.

Denying the cult of functionality and the search for solutions, Claudio Alvarez's sculptures bring a subtle dose of humor from which the pleasure and possibility of questioning derive. This existential dimension is realized in successive enigmas for the retina on the promise to return to the spectator a contemplation state of the "here and now".

Curated by Paulo Kassab Jr.
Date: 13 de junho - 12 de agosto

Claudio Alvarez | Sobretempos

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