Akira Cravo | A Bahia e seus sentidos

17 May - 18 June 2016

Akira Cravo

Bahia, land full of mysteries, myths and senses, distant and nearby, but always here. In this exhibition we are taking a leap to see these images, and entering the world of magic, which shows an old Bahia, a beautiful population by itself, by their poetry look, they have natural vanity, beauty is in the scenery surroundings, and mainly in them.

Poetry comes from thought, feeling. A thinker’s purest inner expression, be it in writing, painting or photography. Putting that out, through the magical act of just a click and creating a semblance, a mark, like a scar that will never be erased. Framing says everything. The most pulsating cut between bodies, faces, similarities that form a puzzle in the assembly of the thematic concept of the work. I bring the torso, body and face. Together and separate in throbbing and colorful images, full of life, strength and faith.

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